Dirty Talk Examples Just Got A Major Upgrade

December 6, 2008 - Leave a Response

Dirty talk examples and dirty talk phrases can either be really hot, or extremely cheesy.  If you’re looking to talk dirty to a guy, its obvious that you would rather have #1.

Dirty Dialogue just made some HUGE changes, and things are really picking up.

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Examples of Talking Dirty: Direct and Indirect

August 17, 2008 - One Response

Hey Friend,

Talking dirty can come across a few different ways.  There’s an obvious difference between the dialogue:

Him:  “Wow this question is really hard…”

You: “Mmm…I like it when its ‘Hard'”


Him:  “Say something dirty to me”

You:  “I want your cock deep in my throat…right now”

Obvious difference.  One is called a sexual inuendo, the other is a direct statement.

Indirect dirty talk basically puts a dirty thought in his mind…giving him the idea that your mind is already in the gutter.  (Which is great because you can pretend it was innocent…causing even more excitment)

Direct dirty talk is knowing what you want and going right after it.  Also a powerful form of talking dirty.

There’s another example of talking dirty for you!

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lots of love,

Devian Day

Examples of Talking Dirty – Introducing Dirty Talk Examples

July 16, 2008 - Leave a Response

Hello Friend,

There’s been a lot of talk about talking dirty lately.  More and more people are looking for examples of talking dirty, dirty talking phrases, etc etc.

But why?

Well…Mainly because they are discovering the true meaning of talking dirty.  Learning how to talk dirty goes far beyond words and opens new doors to sexual communication, sexual confidence, and ultimate sexual connection.

Learning how to talk dirty will do more for your relationship then anything else.  Most people don’t even think that talking dirty is nearly as important as it is.  And even more, they don’t realize how to talk dirty the right way.

Talking dirty is a 2 way street.  That is why we have created “Dirty Dialogue”…giving both partners a chance to participate in talking dirty and make the most out of their dirty talk.  More and more products are coming out every couple of months from Dirty Dialogue.

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Thats the best example of talking dirty i can think of.  More specific examples to come!